Welcome to the Court Intrigue Wiki

Court Intrigue is a Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon RPG forum which takes place in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo. The site was originally started in 2007 by Neo-Queen Serenity (NQS) and Heart of Darkness (HoD), then college roommates. We are currently playing out our second storyline, which is a slightly AU continuation of the first. Though the site has undergone many cast, character, and staff changes over the years it's survived due to members' dedication to the universe and storylines we've built and the familial atmosphere that makes members feel welcome and at home.

This wiki was born out of the realisation that, well, a site accumulates a lot of information and lore in four years and we needed a more efficient way to organise, store, and access it all. We hope old and new members alike will find it a valuable reference.

Please note that while anyone may view or join this wiki, you must be approved as a moderator or administrator before you may add or edit articles. If you have any questions or comments about the RPG or its wiki, or are interested in playing, feel free to visit us at the above link.