Apollo is an orange Abyssinian cat originally created by Helios as a companion. Like the other cats he's able to take a human form if he wants or needs to. Having grown up in Elysion, he's not used to social interaction and doesn't really know how to deal with people, so he comes off as being mean and antisocial. His only reason for coming to Earth at all was because Helios asked him to help train and guide the AQ, a job he was reluctant to accept due to the torture he previously received at the hands of the Dead Moon Circus.

Since his rescue from the Dead Moon Circus he's been studying Tai Chi Chuan and the Wind and Fire Wheels which are one of the martial art's traditional weapons. Of course he can only do this in human form, so he changes every morning around sunrise for his practice. He can store his weapons in Hammerspace any time he's not using them.

Alias: Mean Kitty
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 1st
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Age: Ageless; looks about 3-5 years as a cat and maybe early-mid 20s as a person
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Gold
Birthplace: Elysion
Alliance: Sol
First Appearance: Bliss
Death: Not yet!


Apollo was created long ago as a companion for Helios, who was lonely in his world with only two priestesses to keep him company. His kittenhood was mostly spent either running around playing or following Helios around as the man did his duties. While he was little he stayed behind for Helios' trips to Earth and was kitten-sat by the Maenads, who spoiled him rotten. But without a mother or father cat around to model his behavior after, Apollo grew up with a lot more human-like tendencies than cat ones, and he certainly never developed a taste for cat food. As he got older he was given more responsibilities, and was able to go with Helios on some of his trips to Earth. During those trips he acted as a guardian cat who helped keep an eye out for trouble, even though he had no weapons or special powers to fight with even if anything happened, and all he could really do was give a warning. That was what he tried to do when the Dead Moon Circus arrived, but it was too little, too late. Somehow they were able to get into Elysian, trashed the place and abducted Apollo. Helios used his powers to leave his body and hide out in the dream world as a pegasus. Apollo was held captive in a small cage and tortured to try to get information about where the gold crystal was being kept. No matter what they did to him, he stubbornly refused to tell them anything (which he really didn't know, anyway, but he was being spiteful). Eventually they knew they weren't going to get anything out of the cat, and they just left him alone in the cage with no food, water or care for his injuries and forgot about him. Eventually he was rescued, but he still bears the physical and emotional scars of his experiences there to this day.

Since his rescue, he's taken to studying Tai Chi Chuan both for its calming, meditational aspects and for self-defense. He wants to be able to defend Helios, their home and himself again if the need ever arises. His weapon of choice is the Wind and Fire Wheels, a traditional Chinese bladed weapon wielded in pairs that's about 15" across and circular in shape, with a padded handle with a guard and several flame-shaped blades around the outside edge, which give it a sun-like appearance. The bladed rings can be used to stab, slash, parry or disarm an opponent.

Perhaps because he was so busy dealing with problems of his own, Apollo barely even noticed Helios was acting strangely until he really started fawning over the girl whose dreams he was hiding in when he left his body. Since he didn't know anything about love, he hadn't seen the signs before that, and neither did he know why his friend being in love bothered him as much as it did. He started acting passive-aggressive, moody and withdrawn like a teen-ager. When Helios left again for a long time (for the events of CotM) Apollo blamed himself for driving him away and swore to himself he would never act that way again if Helios would just come back to him. But when his friend finally came back, it wasn't to stay. He had a job for Apollo back on Earth and had come to pick him up. At first the cat agreed without hesitation, until he found out his job was going to be looking after four girls who used to work for the Dead Moon Circus. After what they had done to him, he had every right to be angry and not want to see anyone from that group ever again! But after a lot of sweet-talking Helios got him to agree to do what was asked.

Curse of the Moon

During that story he was still in Elysion helping take care of the place in Helios' absence.

Beyond the Crimson Moonlight

Apollo appeared in a park, where he soon found Helios talking to Hikaru. In front of a stranger, he had to pretend to be a regular cat. Even though he didn't seem to like Hikaru much (just like he doesn't like most people), he managed to behave himself until after she was gone. Helios and Apollo arranged to have a talk later about his displeasure for the assignment he had been given.

The next day he was hanging out in the palace zoo when Ami found him and, figuring she must be someone who worked in the palace, he wasn't shy about talking to her. She was surprised to see an unfamiliar talking cat, but he explained who he was and why he was there. She accidentally offended him by suggesting he may not be able to get into the castle. Fortunately he was able to do it (not that he had any doubts, himself).

While out trying to get familiar with the layout of the city, Apollo got caught in the rain and hid out in a box along with Chinika's non-talking kitten named Rapture. Despite the language barrier he kept talking to her anyway, and when the rain got bad enough that the box they were in started to fail he followed her back to the apartment building where she lived. Since the door was locked, they had to wait outside in the hall until Chinika came home from work to let them in. He was almost subjected to the horror of eating cat food before he managed to persuade her to give him a little of her people food. Chinika noticed the sun sign on Apollo's head and started trying to look up what it was. Her research got her too close for comfort to finding out who and what he really was, so as soon as she was asleep he took the opportunity to change into human form and sneaked out the front door. The only witness to his leaving couldn't talk to tell what she saw, but he did leave the mystery of how the front door got unlocked.

His first real encounter with one of the AQ was when he watched VesVes lead her tigers into a staged battle… with foam swords… versus some lions. When he questioned the insanity going on before him, she responded by… going even more insane. She picked him up and slung him around while squealing about how cute he was and all the cutesy things she wanted to do with him. Naturally, he freaked out over the unwanted attention, but she persisted, until a territorial liger came to challenge what he thought was a newcomer to their group. By then Apollo had enough of all the nonsense and changed into his human form just so the girl would have to let go of him. At first it didn't help, since she just thought he was good-looking as a human and got even more determined to have him, but then the fact there shouldn't be any other cats who could turn into humans running around dawned on her and she asked who he was. The lions, tigers and liger, once they saw what the new cat could do, felt like he was even more of a threat and went all protective over their mistress. There were so many relevant questions the girl could've asked, but instead she asked him what kind of fish he liked. It was a stupid question he didn't even bother to answer, but instead finally explained who he was and what he had been sent to do.

Finally Apollo arranged to have a meeting with all the AQ present to discuss the current situation. It seemed the AQ felt surviving their fight with Zenaku meant they had won, an opinion Apollo contested. But that aside, he wanted to know what observations they had made about their opponent during the fight. Probably that wasn't a lot, since those girls still had a lot to learn. So far it seemed they thought just being Sailor Senshi with powers was enough, that they didn't have to know or care anything about strategy or responsibility or anything. It was Apollo's job to teach them otherwise, whether they (or he) liked it or not.