Argenian History

In the early days of the Milky Way galaxy, there existed a star bigger and brighter than any other. Two beautiful sister planets circled around it, each sustained by a powerful crystal. The crystal of Aureus shone with a golden light, while the crystal of Argenia sparkled with silver. Each was guarded by the royal family of their respective planets.

When war threatened to break out between the Aureans and Argenians, a marriage was arranged between the Aurean princess and the younger of the Argenian princes (as the elder prince had already been betrothed) in hopes of preventing hostilities. The young prince, smitten with the golden-haired princess, wanted to give her the greatest possible gift as a token of his love. He begged his parents to let him give her the silver crystal which had been their family's heirloom for generations, and not understanding its full importance, they relented. The prince took the crystal to a master jeweller who carved it into a beautiful teardrop pendant, which he presented to his new bride on the day of their wedding. The couple took up residence on Aureus and in time became its rulers, just as his elder brother and his wife did for Argenia. It was the dawning of an era of great peace and prosperity for both worlds.

Eventually, the sun around which their homeworlds orbited became unstable, and the people of Aureus and Argenia set off in search of new worlds to inhabit. The two cultures which had grown up together became separated.

The Aurean people settled on a tiny world which orbited a yellow star, where Queen Serenity (as all the Aurean queens were traditionally named) used the power of the Argenian crystal which had been given to her ancestor as a wedding gift millennia ago to create a new kingdom. However, in the process of the move, the Aurean crystal which was their family heirloom and the pride of their people had been lost. It drifted into space, where it began to glow brilliantly. Swirling dust and rocks condensed around it to form a new world, much bigger than the tiny planet they had come to inhabit— large enough that its gravity pulled their tiny world into orbit as a satellite. Some of the Aureans left the kingdom on the tiny moon to settle the newly-created Earth, while the queen and her court watched over the new world from their vantage point high on its moon.

After the Argenian Crystal had been given away, there were only those few tiny, precious shards of their heirloom which the royal family had held onto that kept their people alive. On Argenia, which was in close enough proximity to Aureus to still get some benefit of the mother crystal, that had been enough. Once the races were separated, with both crystals in the Aureans' possession, the light of the shards began to fade. Their power was drained even further each time one of the Aurean queens used the power of the Argenian Crystal to aid their own people. While the Aureans enjoyed millennia of peace and prosperity on Earth and its moon, the Argenians were forced to move from world to world as catastrophe took one home after another from them.

The last world the Argenians called home was Ophiuchus, a small planet which orbited Barnard's Star. Though it was a beautiful green world when they arrived, over just the few generations the Argenians lived there, the land became less and less fertile and the incidence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increased. Famine killed off many, and the once-proud society spiralled into poverty and corruption. There was rioting in the streets, and a number of attempted coups against the royal family.

It was during one such attempted coup that the world began to self-destruct and people and animals began to die off en masse. This time, though they all knew the world had been in a state of decline, there hadn't been enough warning of its impending demise to evacuate the planet. Though the remaining shards of the Argenian Crystal weren't enough to save the world from destruction, each one did have enough power left to save one person. The shards chose their hosts from all ages and all walks of life and granted them powers to help them avenge their people and get back the crystal that once was their heirloom. Then the shards carried the few surviving Argenians to Earth's moon.

It was the 30th Century and the human race had enjoyed nearly a millennium of peace and prosperity thanks to the power of the Argenian Crystal (renamed the Ginzuishou). When the Arcana, as the surviving Argenians had come to be known, showed up to demand their heirloom be returned, the Sol and Lunar Royals refused. A number of small-scale attacks employing youma (Minor Arcana) gathered energy to help revive more sleeping Arcana and strengthen their forces. Meanwhile, Princess Ava felt compelled to awaken the Zodiac Senshi— representatives of the highest Argenian deities— to beg for their help in getting back the crystal. Eventually a full-scale attack was mounted on the crystal palace, and Ava was successful in getting back their Heirloom… yet even once Ava held it in her hands, its power still only served to harm them. Regno Monarch used the princess' inability to control the crystal, and the deaths caused in the effort, as a rallying point to draw others to her side, and launched a coup against her. Though she failed to retrieve the crystal, the princess retreated to the planet in defeat. Unable to defeat Regno's forces on her own, and afraid of what may happen were the crystal used again by herself or anyone, she went to the Lunar Princess for help.

Argenian History as written by Jo