Argenian Language

Spoken Argenian Common is similar enough to Japanese to allow communication between the races, so speaking the language would, in large part, sound like one was speaking Japanese with a strong accent. The written language is hieroglyphic in nature and likely couldn't be deciphered by any Earth scholars without a Rosetta Stone-like tool (so Argenians living on Earth are functionally illiterate unless they study the written language). Note that Argenian ethnic minorities often spoke their own distinct languages… and that it's likely bits and pieces of those also found their way into the Common language, the way many languages on Earth have borrowed from one another over time. The main purpose of Argenian language creation is to give names to people, places, things, ideas, and concepts that are foreign to Earth. Try to keep this in mind, as creating too many new words for common items defeats the point of saying the languages are similar to begin with.

See also the article on Argenian Animals, but bear in mind some of the listed names would be considered Earth equivalents (and feel free to contribute their more proper names).

Titles of Nobility

Mikastos - noun, "Your Majesty" used when addressing the highest rank of Royalty. From the Japanese "Mikado" and Latin "Maiestes".
Rejia - noun, "(My) Queen (Consort)" The title of a Queen Consort of Argenia (I.E. Her Husband is the Ruling King).
Rejiasei - noun, "(My) Queen Regent" The title of a ruling Queen of Argenia. Combinded from the Latin 'Reina' and the Japanese 'Josei'.
Vshishomtu - noun, "Viscount" A Noble title. Viscounts were seen as close Companions to the Royal Blood rather than servants. This title, while not high ranking, was favored out of friendship. Combination of the Japanese 'Shishaku' and the French "visconte "

Locations on Ophiuchus

Argeeis - The most densely populated continent, located in the northern hemisphere
Argetmori - noun, "Silver Forest". Separated into Arget - Silver(From Eragon, actually, with possibly being from another language that would escape me if it was) Jo's note: "argent" is an old word for silver, with its roots in Latin, thus why the elemental symbol for silver is Ar & Mori - Forest(Taken from Japanese for forest)
Merah - A major city located near the Royal City, originally a military outpost established to protect the city from "savage" natives; home to a major army base and prestigious military academy, as well as a political and social hub
Siolfor - A wealthy town on the outskirts of the Royal City

Miscellaneous Terms

Hifumi - thank you (Rumored to be the prayer that brought Amaterasu out of the cave, chosen due to the similarity of Argenian Common to Japanese)
Soromai - sister From the words soror(latin for sister) and shimai (Japanese for sister) Jo's note: Likely meant more in the spiritual sense than biological.
Suryza - the Argenian equivalent of sushi (from "su", the Japanese word for "vinegar", and "oryza", the Latin word for "rice") consisting of pickled seafood and seasoned rice, often with sea or land vegetables, sauces, and/or soft cheese, served either in a bowl or wrapped up in the style of temakizushi and eaten out of hand

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