CereCere is one of the characters in the Sailor Moon series, who is also featured in Court Intrigue.

Firstly introduced in the SuperS season of the anime and the Yume Arc of the manga (the forth story arc), CereCere is the eldest sister of the Amazoness Quartet, which are employed by the Dead Moon Circus. Being a part of a circus, each of the four sisters had her own expertise; CereCere was a trapeze artist as well as a magician of flowers. In both anime and manga, CereCere were born with her sisters deep in the Amazon Jungle and they were found at some point by the Dead Moon's leader, Queen Nehellenia, who brainwashed them and convinced them to become a part of the Dead Moon Circus. They were a part of the circus until the Sailor Senshi fought against Nehellenia, then Sailor Saturn purified them and revealed their true identities as the Sailor Quartet, who will be the guardians of Sailor Chibi Moon in the future. In the next story arc of the manga the Sailor Quartet appears again and helps Sailor Moon, however in the anime the Quartet never become Senshi.

In Court Intrigue, the Amazoness Quartet are introduced as a part of the Senshi team, and are the guardians of the new Sailor Moon, constituting the Inner Senshi of the future. Once Usagi becomes the queen, their job is even harder and they have much more responsibility. However, the Quartet are still having their regular lives going, and they are shown gonig to school and hanging out together. CereCere serves as the leader of the Sailor Quartet, Sailor Ceres. In addition to her senshi powers, she can still use the trapeze and still has her powers as the flower magician. It is also said that because of her past years in the circus, she is very flexible and acrobatic. As the oldest sister of the Quartet, CereCere often is the most responsible one, always trying to solve her sisters' problems in peace. She is slightly snobby, claiming often to be better than her sisters, but the truth is that they are the dearest people to her in the world. She is shown to be popular in her classroom and being sought-after by many boys, yet her heart is given to several J-pop idols. Recently a magical cat from Elysion named Apollo was brought by Helios to be her guardian kitty, yet they hate each other deeply, the reason being because in the site cannon Apollo was tortured by the Dead Moon Circus, whoch CereCere and her sisters used to be a part of in the past.

Sailor Ceres refers to herself as "Senshi of Flowers", and indeed the theme for her attacks is flowers. Her weapon is a litle golden sickle with a pink gemstone in it's handle, called the Florid Sickle. She uses that weapon to preform the attack Florid Harvest, and can even use it as a weapon. She also shares combined two combined attacks that appeared in the manga: one with her sisters - Amazoness Jungle Arrow, and one with her sisters and Usagi - Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss.

Alias: Cere, Sailor Ceres
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 2nd
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Age: Over thousand of years, appeares about 16
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Pink
Birthplace: The Amazon Jungle
Alliance: Sol
First Appearance: High Mischief in High School
Death: N/A


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