CotM Prologue - Addendum

This document is an addendum to the Prologue of CotM. Please read that first or you will be lost

When the Argenian Crystal was cut into the shape of the Imperium Silver Crystal, the Shards remained in the hands of the royal family.

The Shards alone were more than enough to ensure peace upon the planet. When it came time for our ancestors to leave their dying star, the Shards were used to ensure the safety of the pilgrims.

Eventually, the two planets lost contact with one another, moving from star to star to avoid calamities and the natural cycles of stars.
As time wore on however, the light from the shards began to fade, its cause unknown to them. The years wore on well enough without their intervention, until the most recent millenium. About two thousand years ago, a great famine plagued our most recent planet, many people died of starvation. It was as if the planet decided it would no longer care for us. In our time of crisis, not even the royal bloodline could call the Shards into action; their pale glow gave no salvation. But we endured, scraping a living on our dead planet to which we were bound. Our people became nomads, and theives, degrading our once glorious civilization…until that fateful day…

It was as though all of hell had risen up to wreak devastation on the world. Lava spewed from the ground, and the skies rained down up us. All forms of life began to drop dead. People lie in the street, the light gone from their eyes. Those few who remained took up the Shards and took them into their bodies. Though the shards were of no use to a large population, their divine power is easily strong enough to support a mortal.

You see, everything exists in a balance. The Imperium Silver Crystal and the Shards of Argenia are part of one whole, and one power source. When Queen Serentity recreated the Earth and Moon, she overdrew the crystal's energy, and the difference required to create the world was taken from the Shards, and everything around them. Leaving our world a harsh and barely habitable wasteland. Many years later, her daughter on several occasions used more energy than the crystal had to offer, and further decimated our home. Her most recent task, of restoring all the people of the Earth from a frozen torpor caused the death of our people.

Prologue Addendum written by HoD