The Founding of Crystal Tokyo

With Sailor Galaxia defeated, and Chaos was once more sealed back into the hearts of everyone, The Guardian of the Galactic Cauldron gave Sailor Moon a choice. To be reborn to live her life or to become one with the Cauldron again.

She chose to live and for all her loved ones to be reborn.

And they were, reborn on earth in their lives to continue to live on. Between them, they held an unprecedented view of the future filled with hope and optimism. Finally, they could have true peace again and lead truly quiet lives. Yet, looming over them, nearly forgotten or seemingly so, was Crystal Tokyo. Their future.

Usagi was 16 when Chaos was defeated and King Endymion had said she would become Queen at age 22. In the six years between, the Earth experienced catastrophic changes. For years there had been talk about Global Warming and the horrorific changes it would bring to the planet but what was not discussed ever was the prospect of an Ice Age.

You see, the Earth experiences Glacial Ages in cycles. These cycles have been predominantly controlled not by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, or dust from a impact, but rather by the combined effects of the Earth's Precession, obliquity (or Axial Tilt) and orbital eccentricity known as the Milankovitch cycles. Of course, smaller ice age happen between all of these for a variety of reasons but these ice ages can not be stopped, they are built into the planet's orbit and into it's history and future.

Beginning about 1250 C.E., the Earth experienced what is now known as the Little Ice Age. Temperatures around the world began to drop. Growing seasons became shorter and winter became longer. There was snow in July in much of Europe for many years straight. In 1850 C.E. the Little Ice Age is said to have ended as Europe began to industrialize and as carbon dioxide was pumped into the atmosphere.

Over the next two centuries and more, the planet warmed and panic set in about Global Warming. Little did they known that the Planet was set for another go at a cyclic ice age. Global Warming ceased suddenly, and reversed. Winter became longer. Ice packs grew back and expanded rapidly. The Change was rapid for only a few degrees worldwide. Crops failed, people revolted, and as natural events came together, including a Volcanic explosion that threw dust and soot into the air, enough to reflect some of the sun's rays, the earth began to freeze.

The year was 2012.

Yet in Tokyo, Japan, a savior emerged bearing a lotus shaped crystal. On December 21, 2012: She banished away the clouds that blocked the sun, and warmed the earth. Yes, she could not change the Earth's cycle, but the energy from the crystal radiated warmth through out the skies. Enydmion, with his Golden Crystal that had once been heart of Earth, through prayer, brought warmth up from the core of his planet to bring life again to the surface. Humanity, having feared the apocalypse, was willing to listen and witness. She was Serenity, Queen of the Moon, and she shared her story with them. At her side rose her engaged, Endymion, whose past marked him as King of the Earth. The people were hesitant to believe these two who bore these strange, magical crystals, their saviors, but upon witnessing the miracles preformed by them, bowed to them.

Serenity healed the sick, walking among them and merely touching them with her soft hands. Enydmion brought wars to an end through discussion and talk, forever a patient man. Humanity gained a longer lifespan, nearly 300 years long now, and Crystal Tokyo gained the longest life span, known as the 'Ageless Generation'. A crystal palace was erected, not through manpower, but through the will of the Silver Crystal at the heart of Tokyo. It was here that Serenity and Endymion were married, and crowned the King of Earth, the Queen of the Moon, and King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo.

With the Sol Senshi, Guardians of the Solar System at their side, They assumed responsibilities for the Planet and with their crowning began a Utopian era of peace where culture, art, and technology flourished. In the first year of their Majesties' reign, a daughter, Princess Serenity Usagi Tsukino was born, the future Queen. The World has lived in peace since for the most part. There have been times when people have fought and countries have resumed their old wars. Yet the King and Queen brought swift, understanding ends to the fighting when necessary.

Within a century of the King and Queen coming to power, humanity made great scientific strides as renewable energy, primarily Solar and Wind Power, took off. Within two centuries, over 50% of the World's energy needs were provided by these renewable energies and the rest was slowly converting to the long lasting Nuclear Power under strict regulations as oil and coal became no longer economically feasible and due to the stigma associated with them. These technologies created new jobs and helped many countries flourish.

There was a revolt once by those claiming to be children of the Black Moon. These people, a great threat, were banished by the kind Queen rather than exterminated. It was their return that nearly brought the End as the Sol Senshi lay stricken, Their King and Queen comatose. The Little Princess, a child for 900 years, would do the unthinkable, the unimaginable, and travel back into the past to bring the great heroines forward; the Sol Senshi of the past.

The Black Moon Clan and their Prince Diamond were defeated by the resurrected Neo Queen Serenity who in turn had been saved by her former self, the child Usagi Tsukino as Sailor Moon. It was here that the little Princess Serenity, known affectionately as Small Lady by her family and the people of Crystal Tokyo, woke her powers.

Now, in the 30th century, the years of 2900, there is a new Sailor Moon, one of the Future, and new Guardians for the Future.

Written by NQS