Kama Surata

Kama is one of the youngest Divya currently on Earth, having been born in space long after their home died out. It's known that he doesn't get along well with his younger brother and that he was married in the past, but isn't anymore. He's reluctant to give the details about either. As a satyr, he has sandy-furred goats' hindquarters with a cute little tail and ungulate legs ending in cloven hooves. A pair of slightly curved horns grows from the top of his forehead. His ears are pointed at the tips and his blue eyes have horizontal slits for pupils like goats' eyes. Despite an appearance some would find scary or intimidating, he's one of the kindest of the Divya on Earth and is willing to talk to just about anyone and answer their questions. It's rare he's met anyone of any faction he doesn't like. Although he's reluctant to harm the regular citizens of Crystal Tokyo, he considers the Sol as enemies rather than innocents and will participate in attacks on them if ordered to. He's not above using his natural charm to get what he wants, or to help him get out of a tough situation if he needs it. Although he may flirt or date with other women, his one true love is still his ex-wife, Sharmila.

As a Divya of Love and Fertility, his powers aren't necessarily useful as attacks. His only "weapon" is a Pan flute, which the effects of it vary with what music he plays. One song he plays can cause people to have vivid romantic or sexual hallucinations about someone they love or desire. Another song can intensify a person's feelings of love or lust for whatever person, place, thing, hobby or whatever else happens to be prominent in the person's thoughts at the moment. By playing certain notes he can make plants move or even attack people by throwing seeds, thorns, needles, pine cones or whatever else they have that might be used as a weapon. Although he knows how to use a sword, he doesn't currently own one.

Alias: None
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 20th
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Age: Around 15,000, but looks early-mid 20s
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue, horizontally slitted pupils
Birthplace: A ship in deep space
Alliance: Divya
First Appearance: Biding Time
Death: Not yet!


Curse of the Moon


Beyond the Crimson Moonlight

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