Mizuno Ami

Mizuno Ami was one of the five original Sailor Senshi, the first to be awakened after Sailor Moon, herself. She's highly intelligent— her IQ is said to be as high as 300, although a score that high would be impossible to quantify, as the IQ test is comparative in nature. There have been times in her life when she felt her intelligence was more of a curse than a blessing; there's a lot of pressure in being expected to know pretty much everything! Especially in her youth, she sometimes felt like studying was all she was good for, or that her friends were only using her for the study help. At times she was known to panic if she forgot even one word or equation. Fortunately, she's grown more accepting of her own faults over time and no longer expects perfection from herself. However, she still struggles a bit with her own shyness and lack of self-confidence, especially where romance is concerned. Although friendly even towards most strangers, she's a very private person and is slow to open up to others about her innermost thoughts and feelings. She has rather liberal viewpoints about a number of issues, but is easily embarrassed if anyone starts to suspect as much.

Following in her mother's footsteps, Ami works as a pediatrician at Empyrean Hospital. She's well-known and respected enough that the pediatric wing of the hospital now bears her name (much to her own embarrassment). But she also takes more after her artist father than she thinks, as she's quietly taken up the hobby of painting and is actually pretty good at it, although she never shows her work to anyone.

Due to injuries suffered on what has since become known as Bloody Sunday, Ami's right arm was amputated below the elbow. She wears an advanced prosthesis which closely approximates the appearance and function of the missing limb. Although the disability affects her work performance very little, there's still a certain stigma against disabled doctors, so she hasn't been able to work as much as she used to do.

Although she lost her powers as a Sailor Senshi at the end of CotM, Ami has retained some control over her element, which she's been working to hone. She can use these powers to make fog appear, cause things to freeze, or shoot jets of water from her hand, although it only works as planned around half to two-thirds of the time so far and isn't as strong as her powers were as a Senshi.

Alias: Princess Mercury, (former) Sailor Mercury
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 10th
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age: Over 1,000, but still looks early-mid 20s
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Alliance: Sol
First Appearance:
Death: N/A


Ami is the only daughter of a free-spirited painter father and an uptight, workaholic doctor mother, who divorced due to incompatibility of their values and lifestyles. Ami had little contact with her father after the divorce, though he sent the occasional card, letter, or gift in the mail. Her mother worked a lot and was often absent from the home, but doted on her daughter when she was around. Because she blamed herself for the break-up of the marriage, Ami's mother tried from an early age to teach her to be the "ideal woman"— polite, well-mannered, and good at household work— in the hopes her daughter wouldn't make the same mistakes in marriage that she had. But as a single mother, she also knew the value of hard work, education, and the ability to be self-sufficient in case marriage didn't work out. She was proud of her daughter's academic achievements and supported Ami's decision to follow in her footsteps 100% Despite the fact her mother could be strict and overbearing at times, the two enjoyed as close as possible a relationship for the time they had to spend together.

Most of her classmates found her unapproachable, or even thought her stuck-up, because of her wealth, intelligence, and quiet personality. At first she tried to fit in by using her knowledge to help her classmates in studies and sports, and thought she was making real friends that way, but as time went on it became more and more apparent they were just using her for her study help. As a result she withdrew into herself and became focused almost solely on her studies.

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