Plot - CotM

Prologue ~ The Distant Past

Long before the creation of the Moon Kingdom, Silver Millenium, or of the Moon itself, our young Galaxy burst into life. Stars formed and dust gathered in huge amounts creating a multitude of planets to encircle the stars.
At the center of the galaxy a giant star had formed, larger than any of the others by a conciderable means. Around this star, two planets circled in a delicate balance. On these planets life began to grow and flourish. Within each resided a crystal of unsurpassable beauty and power. The crystal of Aureus was a luminous gold, while the crystal of Argenia glowed an iridescent silver. These crystals came into the hands of the royal family of each of their respective planets. When the two planets began to come into conflict, the royal families decided to arrange a marriage between the Aureus' princess and a prince of Argenia.

As the eldest of the Argenian princes was already wed, the second born was promised to the only heir of Aureus. When the couple met for the first time at the signing of the engagement contract, the prince fell deeply in love for the golden-haired maiden. He wanted to give her the greatest gift he could think of as token of his love. When he arrived back on his homeworld, he begged his parents that he might offer the silver crystal to his new found love as a wedding present.

His parents were reluctant to agree, but seeing their son so enamored, their hearts grew soft to his plea. Taking up the silver crystal in both hands the prince decided a pendant would be a fitting gift. He took the uncut crystal to the master jeweler who chipped away at the raw crystal shape, and gave it a faceted surface that danced with light. From that point on, the crystal dawned the name of the Imperium Silver Crystal.

On their wedding day the Arginian prince presented the crystal along with a promise of his undying love. And he took up residence with his bride, as she was heir to her planet and her devotion to her people was unmatched. In time, the brothers and their brides became the new rulers of their worlds, and there was a great age of peace.

When their beloved star became unstable, residents of both worlds began to search out new worlds on which they could live. Over the centuries, the two planets, which had moved away from each other during the mass migration, lost contact. And when the Queen known as Serenity was to give birth, she and some of her court left their parent planet, and searched for a suitable home. Along the voyage however, the golden Aurean crystal was thrown from the hands lost. The crystal spun away from them, and began to glow with an intense light. What had been a sea of dust and rock swirled around the crystal on a fanastic scale, the queen landed on a nearby planet as they watched in awe, as their golden crystal was lost, and a new world was born. When the dust began to settle, and skies of the new planet cleared, the nearby star began to glow with a renewed intensity, a star, that had nearly lived out its existance, burst into new life, and began to burn a bright yellow.

It was then that the small planet on which Queen Serenity stood, began to revolve around the newly created Earth. Queen Serenity then, taking up the crystal, created the Moon Kingdom, Silver Millenium, in order to watch after this planet, and its immortal star. Generations passed, a Princess born to each Queen of Silver Millenium who also always bore the name Serenity. Countless Serenitys peacefully ruled over the Moon and guided the young Earth and her people towards peace and utopia.

Prologue written by HoD

Plot ~ 30th Century

When she was just 22 year old, Usagi Tsukino, the herione known as Sailor Moon and the reincarnation of Princess Serenity of the Silver Millenium saved the world from a horrible, tragic ice age brought about by the forces of evil.
In the apocalyptic landscape that the Earth had become, Sailor Moon remained the one bright, shining light, alongside with her ever faithful guardians, the Sailor Senshi of the Solar System, and her eternal love, the Prince of Earth Endymion. With the power of the Silver Imperium Crystal, she forged a new Earth, one of kindness, peace, and love. Blessing the inhabitants of earth with long life, though not as long as the life of the Lunarians, she arose to become Neo-Queen Serenity, Queen of Earth and the Silver Millenium. With her husband, King Endymion at her side, a new kingdom was founded with Tokyo at its center. On the outskirts of the old Tokyo, a magnificant, towering castle of pure Silver Imperium Crystal was created seemingly overnight. Here, the kind and pure hearted Queen rules gently and seemingly like a ghost from The Crystal Palace. The Faithful Sailor Senshi, Guardians of the Solar System and of Earth remain at the Queen's Side, and at the farthest reaches of the Solar System.

1000 years of peace have passed, eternal youth bestowed on all.
There are no more wars. Only Peace.

Deep within the the Galactic Cauldron, Guardian Cosmos noticed something strange. 13 mysterious Sailor Crystals.. never before seen, emerging. Sailor Crystals were rarely created.. only reborn..These crystals flew off, as all pure heart crystals do, before Guardian Cosmos could observe them.

Meanwhile, locked in Idyllic peace, Crystal Tokyo is guardian by the newest Sailor Moon. On her 14th birthday, Princess Small Lady Serenity was given the title Princess Lady Serenity and she debuted as Sailor Moon within the 30th century, a position once held by her mother. Though she still goes by Sailor Chibi Moon, for the memory of Sailor Moon is still strong, ChibiUsa leads the Asteroid Senshi of Crystal Tokyo in defense of the capital while under the guidance and tutorage of the Inner Planet Senshi and the Outer Planet Senshi, espically her dear friend Puu.

Internally, the Queen and King are concerned due to a mysterious figure who has appeared, seeking the good will of the Royal Family. This person bears the symbol of the Moon Kingdom on their head, and knows a great deal about the fallen kingdom. Even the trusty advisors, Luna and Artemis can not stump him. The Imperium Silver Crystal recognizes him as a lunarian.. and allows the strange into the Crystal Palace where only those of the Silver Millenium can enter. Just who is this stranger?

Plot written by NQS