Tomoe Hotaru

Tomoe Hotaru is one of the central characters in the Sailor Moon series, who is also featured in Court Intrigue.

She is firstly introduced at the beginning of the Sailor Moon S season of the anime and the Mugen Arc of the manga (the third story arc) as the sickly daughter of a mad scientist and becomes a close friend of Chibiusa. Later it is revealed that her true identity is that of the Messiah of Silence, the one who will bring the world's end - Sailor Saturn. According to Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto, Saturn's reawaking is forbidden because of that role of her, and they try to kill the unawakened Hotaru several times. Later she becomes a regular member of the senshi team.

In Court Intrigue, which takes place during the 30th century, Hotaru is an adviser to the Sailor Quartet and Sailor (Chibi) Moon. She also serves the princess of her home planet, Saturn. Also featured in the site is her close relationship with her three adopting mothers -Tenoh Haruka, Kaioh Michiru and Meioh Setsuna (named by her "Haruka-Papa", "Michiru-Mama" and "Setsuna-Mama" respectively), as well as her deep friendship with Usagi (formerly Chibiusa). As Princess Saturn she controls life and death in form of the ability to heal and cause illness.

In both versions, Saturn bears an enormous power over life and death, being the second strongest senshi after the original Sailor Moon. Her senshi powers' theme is death and rebirth, and she has the power to bring the end of the world when needed. her weapon is the Silence Glaive, which symbolizes the end of all things. As Sailor Saturn, Hotaru would use that weapon to destroy everything, so later the universe will be able to reborn. Once she destroys the world, Sailor Saturn herself will also die.

TOMOE Hotaru
Alias: Sailor Saturn, Princess Saturn, Messiah of Silence
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 6th
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Age: Over thousands of years, appears about 18
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Alliance: Sol
First Appearance: Who Dwells in the Twelfth House
Death: N/A


During the Silver Millennium times Hotaru, unlike the other Solar System Senshi, did not exist. Because of her role as the Messiah of Silence, the one who would bring the world's end, she wasn't even meant to be born. She was meant to sleep until the end of times, and then to awake one single time, to implement her task. After the Dark Kingdom's invasion to the moon and the death of both Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, the universe was a horrible place to live in. When there was no longer hope to create something better, the time for Sailor Saturn's awaking has come. Soon after she was born, the soldier of death dropped the Silence Glaive, and with that action ended everything. After preforming the act that ruined the world, Saturn herself died with everything else.

Despite she was never meant to, Sailor Saturn, together with the other Solar Senshi, was reborn thanks to Queen Serenity activating the Silver Crystal. The crystal made her reborn in the 20th century, in Tokyo, Japan, under the name Tomoe Hotaru. The little baby was born to Tomoe Suichi and Keiko, who loved the little baby with all of their heart. Suichi was a scientist, thus the family spent most of her time in his lab. One day a horrible lab accident happened, an accident which caused Keiko's death and injured Hotaru greatly. Her state was so worse, that there was a chance she wouldn't survive. The father, Suichi, was the only survivor, yet he was slightly injured as well. He tried to save his daughter, but nothing helped. Then, an alien from the Tau Nebula System appeared before him, named Pharaoh 90. he offered to heal the child and heal his injures with two Daimon Eggs, in return to the professor's help to reawake him and help him appear on Earth. Caring for his daughter, Suichi agreed. Soon the two Daimon Eggs were planted within him and within Hotaru. The Daimon Eggs were holding extraterritorial entities within: Suichi's egg contained the Germatoid and Hotaru's egg contained Mistress 9. Professor Tomoe learnt quickly how to create and plant Daimon Eggs within other people, and using that knowledge he created an army of supporters, who used to be regular humans just like him and his little girl. That's how the Death Busters were established, led by Professor Tomoe himself.

After the eggs were planted within their bodies, the professor found a rather creative way to fix his daughter's worse injures: he made her a cyborg. Hotaru's body was now a mixture of human and machine. Hotaru, who was ashamed of it, went only with long sleeves, even at summer, and wore only black cloths, which seemed to hide her cyborg parts well. If that wasn't enough, from time to time she suffered from seizures, in which she felt weak, later unconscious. People who were around her during the seizure later told her about things she did, yet Hotaru did not remember a thing. Hotaru was not aware to it, but these seizures were attempts of Mistress 9 to take over her body. In addition, after the accident it was revealed that Hotaru has healing powers. Because of her being a cyborg, the strange seizures and the powers she possessed, Hotaru was not popular at school and had no friends, despite her father was the principal (after the Gramatoid took over him, Professor Tomoe opened the Mugen Gakuen, the Infinity Academy, in which Hotaru studied with other kids). Because Suichi was busy in the laboratory all day long, he appointed his assistant, Kaori, as Hotaru's au pair. Hotaru disliked Kaori deeply, feeling she is trying to replace her mother. Despite so many things had changed in her life after that lab accident, Hotaru didn't suspect a thing. No one told her that her father is the leader of the death Busters, and that his assistant Kaori (real name Kaolinite) is his right hand.

That was about the time Chibiusa appeared in her life. The two girls met accidentally, while Chibiusa was looking for her hat in the park and Hotaru found it. Hotaru was amazed by how Chibiusa wasn't afraid of her at all, and did not find her weird or scary at all. Her good heart and honesty amused Hotaru, and the two quickly became good friends. From time to time Hotaru had seizures, which were caused by Mistress 9's reaction to Chibiusa's Silver Crystal from the future, but even then Chibiusa did not leave Hotaru's side and supported her until she felt better.

Simultaneously, things happened to the Sailor Senshi, that might have not included Hotaru, but were related to her directly. The new senshi who arrived, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Netptune, accompanied by Sailor Pluto, explained to Sailor Moon and her team that Hotaru is actually the goddess of death, the one who will bring the world's end, the Messiah of Silence - Sailor Saturn. According to them, the Death Busters were trying to force Saturn's reawaking so they'll be able to use her to destroy the world. To save the world from such a fate, the three Senshi of the Outer Solar System saw now other choice but killing Hotaru. When Chibiusa heard this, she knew no matter what, she's going to save her friend.

Eventually, the parasite within Hotaru's body gained enough energy to break free and take over her body. It happened in one of Chibiusa's visits, in which Hotaru had another seizure. Controlling her body during the seizure, Mistress 9 exploited the one-time opportunity and kidnapped the girl's crystal. Thanks to the crystal, Mistress 9 had enough energy to take over Hotaru's body, permanently. From that point Mistress 9 supported Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite to summon their leader from the Tau Nebula system, Master Pharaoh 90. Soon Sailor Moon and the rest of the Senshi appeared, and the final battle for the sake of the world has begun. The Sailor Senshi fought against Mistress 9, yet the alien was too strong and was able to defeat them all. The battle continued, and right after the Germatoid was defeated something was broken inside Mistress 9… It was Hotaru's spirit, which was still there all along. On that moment, when she saw her father becoming the hideous monster he really was all these years, she finally understood everything. She understood then that the person she has been living with for the years since the lab accident was not really her father. Therefore, she didn't part with him now, as according to her "she parted from him long ago…". After saying a last goodbye to Chibiusa, Hotaru left her sickly body, hopping in her next life she'll be able to find happiness.

Once Mistress 9 and the Germatoid were dead, there was only one more enemy left for the Sailor Senshi, stronger than the previous ones together - Master Pharaoh 90. Earth was now in a real danger, because Pharaoh 90 gained enough power to destroy Earth and join it's ruins to the Tau Nebula system. Then the time has come once again for the Messiah of Silence to reawake. The three Talismans of Uranus, Neptune and Neptune summoned the soldier of ruin, Sailor Saturn. But, unlike they were thinking, Saturn was not going to destroy the world this time. She was reawaken to seal Master Pharaoh 90 away. Saturn was able to defeat Master Pharaoh 90, and with the help of Sailor Pluto she was able to seal him in his Tau system with no way to get into Earth again. However, once Saturn used her destructive power, she was sealed to die. After the battle with Pharaoh 90, Sailor Moon's power was able to cause a miracle: Sailor Saturn's soul was born anew, as a little healthy baby. Because her father died as the Germatoid, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna decided to adopt the little baby as their daughter, and drove with her away, not before promising to Sailor Moon and the others to return if needed.

Hotaru's second childhood was sweet, yet short. In the six months following the battle with the Death Busters the little baby grew rapidly, reaching almost to her age before the reborn, physically and mentally. However, she did not remember any of the previous events in her life, and for the first time in a long while got to live as a regular girl. She was home schooled by her three adopting parents, which now lived with her in a Victorian estate. None of the Outer Senshi was able to activate her Senshi powers back then, yet they blessed for this refreshing change, and focused on taking care of little Hotaru, who enjoyed the love her adopting parents heaped upon her. For the first time in a long while, Hotaru was truly happy.

By the time Chibiusa started to see a white Pegasus in her dreams, the peaceful, normal life has got to an end. During Michiru's violin classes, while playing the violin, Hotaru was able to see visions of the white Pegasus. The girl, who had no idea what it meant, was afraid of these visions, yet they didn't stop coming. That's how it was until one night, a spirit approached towards her. It was Sailor Saturn's spirit, who came to unite with her human self. During the reawaking process, Hotaru remembered everything that happened before her rebirth, and for the first time became aware of her Senshi identity and her role as the Messiah of Silence. She also received her Sailor Crystal, which gave her for the first time the ability to transform, and the "Super" upgrade to her fuku. Saturn's reawaking was a symbol for the Outer Senshi that their help is needed in Sailor Moon and the others' new battle. Because none of the three other Senshi of the Outer Solar System could transform, Hotaru used her grand powers as Sailor Saturn and gave each of them their Sailor Crystal, which restored their Senshi powers and upgraded their fuku to the "Super" level as well. The four Outer Senshi were ready to aid Sailor Moon and the others in their battle against the new, unknown enemy.

The Outer Senshi joined just in time for the final battle against the Dead Moon circus, lead by the evil queen of the Dead Moon, Queen Nehellenia. Once arriving and re-meeting Sailor Moon's team, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon meat each other once more. The two old friends were happy to see each other, and promised to never part one from another as well as helping each other fighting for peace. Together, Saturn and Chibi Moon had to fight against a group of four girls, the Amazoness Quartet. During the fight, Saturn felt a special aura around them, the blessing of the stars. Soon she understood why - the four girls were actually possessed Sailor Senshi: Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno and Sailor Vesta, who were meant to be Sailor Chibi Moon's guardians in the 30th century. She tried to reawaken their true identities, yet the Quartet was possessed by the evil Queen Nehellenia, and objected. When Nehellenia felt they're no longer helpful for her goals, she sent Zirconia, who trapped the girls inside their Amazon Stones.

The battle kept going, and the entire Solar Sens hi team had to fight Queen Nehellenia with all of it's strength. As the hole team gathered, together, not only that Sailor Moon's Holy Grail appeared once again, it was upgrade to the Holy Moon Cálice, which gained the Sailor Senshi with new power, and gave them their Eternal Senshi forms, as well as their princess forms. With that new amount of power, Sailor Moon and the others were able to seal Nehellenia away and return peace to Earth and the land of dreams, Elysion. As the battle was over, Neo Queen Serenity appeared, and Sailor Saturn gave her the four Amazon Stones. Neo Queen Serenity made the four girls reborn as the Sailor Quartet, Small Lady's guardians in Crystal Tokyo. After finally returning to their true self, the Quartet came back to the Amazon Jungle, to sleep until the day will come and they'll be needed as Chibiusa's protectors.

After the battle with the Dead Moon Circus was over, life seemed peaceful again. The Sailor Senshi were more united than ever before, and they could all go to the same high school. Hotaru and Chibiusa, who were too young for high school, attended the same elementary school and kept being close friends to each other… Until Chibiusa decided to come back to the 30th century, to her mother and father who were waiting there and missed her. These were hard moments for Hotaru. However, despite the yearning, Hotaru wanted Chibiusa to be happy, and did her best to send her off with a smile.

A little after Chibiusa came back home a new group of enemies appeared - Shadow Galactica, led by Sailor Galaxia. All the members of that group were Sailor Senshi, but these were not the only Senshi to arrive. A group of three new Senshi, the Sailor Starlights, appeared. While Sailor Moon and her guardians tried to understand the new senshi and looked for ways to help them, Hotaru's three mothers suspected them and thought they'd bring only troubles. Hotaru, that was raised by them, treated the Starlights less suspecting, yet she didn't fully trust them either. However, when the Sailor Animamates killed one Senshi after the other, collecting their Sailor Crystals, Hotaru started to think there is no other choice but asking the Starlights' help.

After all the Inner Senshi were killed by Shadow Galactica, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna decided to visit their home castles to check everything is alright. Despite Hotaru wanted to join them, her parents were worried that it might be too dangerous. Therefore, they kept her under the protection of Luna and Artemis. As time went by and they did not come back, Hotaru started to feel worried and wanted to check their castles, as well as her own, to see they were not hurt and their castles are safe and sound. During the journey into space she was caught with Sailor Pluto by Galaxia's helpers, got killed and her Sailor Crystal was taken; After Galaxia revived it, Sailor Saturn was a member of Shadow Galactica with the other Sol Senshi until Sailor Moon arrived, defeated Galaxia and made everybody reborn.

As the battle with Galaxia was over, the Solar Senshi bid farewell from the Starlights and their princess and returned to Earth. There, they all kept living regular, happy and serene life as regular girls. All of them went to make their dream come true, but not Hotaru. Because of her role as the Messiah of Silence she couldn't take any risks, and had to always stay on guard. Six years later, roughly when she was eighteen, Usagi Tsukino turned from a regular woman to Neo Queen Serenity, queen of Crystal Tokyo, the golden kingdom of Earth and the Silver Millennium. As the monarchy was established, all the Solar Senshi were invited to be a part of the new queen's court by the power of being princesses of their own kingdoms. Hotaru was among the people who moved into the Crystal Palace. Court life seemed so exciting and new, and Hotaru's new class as a princess gave her a diplomatic role as well as glory and love from the people.

Yet, her happiness wasn't full when the hair to the throne, Small Lady, was born. Hotaru knew the young princess wouldn't know her until she'll travel back to the 20th century. As the daughter of Sailor Pluto, Hotaru knew changing history is forbidden. Therefore, she had no choice but waiting until Small Lady will grow up and travel back in time. These years were painful for Hotaru, who was known by the young princess only as one of her mother's court members and guardians. But eventually, after the attack of the Black Moon Clan and a few months of waiting, the Small Lady was back at home, knowing everything about her. When she came back home Hotaru immediately became her close friend, as if al they met only yesterday. Once they met each other again, they swore to never be apart for such a long time, and to remain friends forever.

Curse of the Moon

As the years went by and the Small Lady wasn't so small anymore, she had more and more royal duties. Hotaru was right there to aid her friend, now named Usagi after her mother, to handle everything. However, despite the royal duties took a lot of time from Usagi's day,the girls still had time to hang out together. Now carrying the title Sailor Moon, Usagi was the leader of her senshi team, including Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno and Sailor Vesta, a group which used to train with Sailor Saturn a lot and used her as a special adviser. Hotaru also found time to spend with her mothers, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna.

Her first meeting with the Argenian survivals wasn't very pleasant. Usagi and her fought against Jo and Keiki, who told them for the first time the sad truth about Neo Queen Serenity using the Silver Crystal. Of course it made her surprised, but Hotaru wasn't sure if she should believe it or not. The only thing she knew is that she needs to protect her dear friend, whatever may happen. Knowing new enemies appeared in the city made her worried, but she was an Outer Senshi, and as one she knew the ultimate goal is to keep the Earth safe. She met another Argenian while in the middle of a visit in a coffee shop with Michiru. This time it was Regno Monarch, who didn't hesitate to fight back and even took the Silence Glaive from Hotaru. Saturn and Neptune transformed and fought back, yet that battle was a hard one to win, and it taught them a thing or two about the Argenian people's powers.

Simultaneously to the challenge of facing new enemies, Hotaru was aware to the appearing of a new group of Sailor Senshi around the city… It was rather odd, as Sailor Crystals were not born that frequently. Moreover, these twelve Senshi stood for the signs of the Zodiac, which were no celestial bodies as much as she knew. She met Sailor Scorpio on the battle with Jo and Keiki, and was present in Sailor Pisces' awaking, which took place during a trip Hotaru made to the mall.

As Sailor Saturn, Hotaru did her best to aid the Queen and the other Sol Senshi in their fight against the Argenians. As her best friends' parents died, she tried to do her best to help Usagi, now the new Queen of Crystal Tokyo, named Queen Serenity. She tried to cheer her up and help as much as she could to Usagi, who had to deal with the yearning to her parents and her new duties as the queen. Because of the hard time Usagi was going through, the two girls almost did not talk.

Hotaru was worried about Usagi, but had a reason to be worried about herself as well: After the final battle of the Argenians against the Senshi, the Silver Crystal had gone dormant. The crystal's dormancy made her Senshi powers disappear, as happened to the other elder Sol.

Beyond the Crimson Moonlight

A year has passed since the time the Argenian survivals appeared in Crystal Tokyo. The new Queen Serenity almost didn't make public appearances and was sunk in a deep depression, which made Hotaru worried. She arranged a little private party in the palace guardians for the queen and her close allies, so she'll be able to cheer up and take her role as the queen and Sailor Moon. Many of the people don't have faith in Usagi and her team, yet Hotaru believes Usagi is a great leader, just like her mother. Knowing the difficulties her friends is dealing with, Hotaru tries her best to be there for her and aid as much as she can.

Now, that her Senshi form was dormant, she didn't have to be on guard all the time, and Hotaru thought about making her dream come true and become a nurse. Yet, apparently that dream of her will have to wait a while… New mysterious enemies, known as the Divya, appeared in the city. So far Hotaru fought against only two of them, yet is trying to find out more about them, by seeking for data in the museum and the Divya's World Fair that is held in the city.

As the Silver Crystal is now dormant Hotaru is no longer able to transform into Sailor Saturn, yet it doesn't make her powerless. She now has a new power as the Princess of Saturn - controlling life and death in the form of the ability to heal and cause sickness. She is still the Messiah of Silence, thus Hotaru can still summon her weapon, the Silence Glaive. But these princess powers are weaker, and Hotaru knows Usagi and the Quartet will need more than that to win in the new battle that's starting now. Even if she's not as strong as she used to be, Hotaru still hopes to aid to her queen and friend as much as she can.