Tsukino Usagi

Tsukino Usagi is one of the central characters in the Sailor Moon series, who has a main part in Court Intrigue.

Known in the series as Chibiusa, Usagi is the little daughter or Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, queen and king of Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century. She is firstly introduced in the Sailor Moon R season of the anime and the Black Moon arc of the manga (the second story arc), in which she runs away from the Black Moon Clan, who ruined Crystal Tokyo and hurt her parents. Hewr journey brings her to the 20th century, where she meets Usagi and her friends. At first they don't know where the girl came from, but later Chibiusa tells her story and together they all go to save the 30th century. Later she receives a senshi identity, Sailor Chibi Moon, and helps the other Sailor Senshi during the next story arcs. In the third story arc she meets Hotaru, a.k.a Sailor Saturn, who becomes her best friend. and in forth story arc she is joined with a group of guardians of her own - the Sailor Quartet, as well as a potential lover - Helios. In the fifth story it is said that she came back to the 30th century, yet later in the manga she comes back with the Sailor Quartet to help Sailor Moon in her fight against Shadow Galactica. After the battle with Galaxia is over, Chibiusa returns to Crystal Tokyo and is not seen traveling to the past again.

In Court Intrigue, Usagi appears in her teenage years. As a gift for her 14th birthday, Neo Queen Serenity removes the "Chibi" from her name and titles, and from that moment she is known as Tsukino Usagi, Princess Lady Serenity and Sailor Moon. She is the leader of her own senshi team, and together they practice with the advice of Sailor Saturn. Usagi also has the role of a princess, which requires royal duties she wasn't asked to do before. In addition, her close relationship with Helios blooms, yet the two are still not aware to the feelings between them. She is also having a bit of a hard time as a teenager, fighting with her parents from time to time. When the Argenians arrive to the city Usagi has an important role, as her mother, the original Sailor Moon, can no longer use her senshi powers. When her mother and father dies, Usagi becomes the queen of Crystal Tokyo, the Golden Kingdom of Earth and the Silver Millennium, now named Queen Serenity. The new queen has a hard time daling with her parents' death, and when the Divya appears she is meant to lead the Sol Senshi in their second fight as Sailor Moon and the Queen of Earth.

Sailor (Chibi) Moon's powers are, similar to her mother, relate to moonlight and healing themes. However, the light in her attacks, unlike the original Sailor Moon's, is mostly pink. Chibi Moon was never one of the strongest Senshi, yet as time went by she learns to use her power better, and now is capable of defeating enemis by herself. Now, as the only Sailor Moon, Usagi is also in charge of the Silver Crystal, and if it will ever be active agian it will be her who will use it's power. In adittion she has her own crystal, the Pink Moon Crystal, which is the source of her Senshi powers. She also has her Moon Rod, which is similar to the one her mother had and is used for the attack Moon Princess Halation.

Alias: Her Serene Majesty, Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, The Golden Kingdom of Earth, and the Silver Millennium; Sailor Moon
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 30th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Age: Over 900, appears about 15
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Red
Birthplace: Crystal Palace, Crystal Tokyo
Alliance: Sol
First Appearance: A Late Birthday Surprise
Death: N/A


Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity was born in her mother's birthday, June 30th. The excitment about the newly born hair to the thrown was anormous, and everybody in Crystal Tokyo wanted to see the baby. The young princess lived peaceful life with her mother the queen, her father the king and the Sailor Senshi. One day she lost her way, and got to the Time-Space Door, in which she met Sailor Pluto, who became her first friend. Pluto told her about her role as the Guardian of Time and about Three Big Tabus, taught her to say "Abracadabra!" when she feels sad, and gave her a magical ball shaped like Luna, called Luna P. Later on, Artemis and Luna hd a baby kitten, called Diana. Diana became Small Lady's guardian cat, as well as a close friend. Sailor Pluto, Small Lady and Diana used to hang a lot together.

One day, a new group of enemies appeared in Crystal Tokyo, the Black Moon Clan. The Black Moon attacked the city, as well as the shiny Crystal Palace within it. Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion were hurt, and Small Lady thought with the Silver Crystal she could save them. But, at the moment she held the crystal in her hands, it was gone. Confused, she went to the Time Space Door, to hear Sailor Pluto's advice. Pluto told her that in the 20th century, there's a heroine named Sailor Moon, and she could help her. Then, Small Lady took one of Sailor Pluto's Time Keys, went through the Time-Space Door and headed forward to the past.

After going out from the Time-Space Door, Small Lady found herself in the sky of the 20th century's Tokyo. Soon she started to fall, eventually falling on Mamoru's head, just as he tried to kiss Usagi. Right after falling, the Small Lady asked Usagi and Mamoru to give her the Silver Crystal. After demanding for it a few times, the couple asked her for her name. Because her name was Usaagi as well, the older Usagi gave her the nickname Chibiusa (a short term for "Chibi Usagi", meaning Little Usagi). At first she didn't really like the name, but as time went by she got used to it.

At first the 20th century seemd like a peaceful place, but soon the Black Moon Clan came back in time after Chibiusa. They were searching for her and for Sailor Moon, and later kidnaping Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. Usagi and Mamoru thought she knows something about them and asked her to tell them, yet Chibiusa didn't want to talk about that painful subject. Yet, at some point there seemed to be no other choice, and Chibiusa told them she's from the 30th century. After that, she joined Sailor Moon, Venus and Tuxedo Mask in their journey to the future.

After meeting Sailor Pluto in the way, they finally reached to Crystal Tokyo, which was almost ruined completely. Then, Chibiusa met once again with Diana and King Endymion's spirit. It was King Endymion who told them the hole story about what is going to happen in the future, and revealed Usagi and Mamoru's future identities as Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, Chibiusa's parents. All three of them were shocked. Usagi and Mamoru had no idea what will happen in the future, and Chibiusa had no idea they were actually her parents.

In Crystal Tokyo, they were able to release Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. After doing that, Usagi and Mamoru decided it'll be better for now if they come back to the 20th century. However, Chibiusa missed her home in Crystal Tokyo, and went to the Time-Space Door on her own. Without noticing, she dropped her Time Key, which made her get lost in the forth dimension. The Balck Moon Clan's leader, Wiseman, used it and cought Chibiusa into his trap. Convincing her she was completely alone and using his dark power, Wiseman was aboe to transform Chibiusa into a member of the Black Moon Clan, now called Black Lady.

Meanwhile, Sailor Pluto noticed something is wrong. She called Sailor Moon and her team to come back to Crystal Tokyo, and when they did, joined by Pluto, they saw what Wiseman did to Chibiusa. Black Lady started to attack them, using Wiseman's dark gift. Black Lady was strong and was able to block Sailor Moon and the others' attacks, thus Sailor Pluto saw no other choice but breaking one of the Three Big Tabus and stoping time. After doing so, Pluto died, requestiong Sailor Moon to save the future and saying "Abracadabra" as her last words. Hearing Pluto saying "Abracadabra" and seeing her dead made Black Lady remember who she really was. Soon she was transformed again, but instead of coming back into her regular form, Chibiusa gained Senshi powers for the first time and became Sailor Chibi Moon. Once she was awaken as a Senshi, Chibi Moon was able to aid the other Senshi to reawake Neo Queen Serenity and defeat Wiseman with the power of both Silver Crystals, the one of the 20th century owned by Sailor Moon and the one of the 30th century owned by Sailor Chibi Moon.

As peace returned to both Tokyo and Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa had planned to come back home; yet Neo Queen Serenity had other plans for her child. She sent her back to the 20th century, so she can train her new powers as Sailor Chibi Moon and "meet important people", as she told Usagi and Mamoru in a letter. Soon as Chibiusa came back to the 20th century, new mysterious enemies appeared, the Death Busters, as well as new Sailor Senshi - Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. In this new battle, Chibi Moon fought alongside with her mother and the Inner Senshi, trying to understand what Uranus and Neptune are up to and seeking for ways to defeat the new enemies. During that battle, Chibiusa was able to make a new friend. One day, while looking for a hat of hers that was flown away, Chibiusa met a girl named Hotaru. The two girls immediately became close friends. Hotaru had some sort of seizures from time to time, but Chibiusa was always there for her, supporting her until the seizure was gone.

Later, when Uranus and Neptune revealed themselves, accompanied by Chibiusa's senior friend Sailor Pluto, they told Sailor Moon and the others something that made them shocked. According to them, Hotaru was the goddess of death, the one who would bring the end of the world - Sailor Saturn. The Death Busters have been trying to awaken the Messiah of Silence within Hotaru, so she'll ruin the world. Because of that, the Outer Senshi saw no other choice but killing the girl. Chibiusa didn't believe what the Outers had told about Hotaru. Even if she was Sailor Saturn, she was definitely not a bad girl. She then decided to do everything that is possible to save her friend. In one of her visit at Hotaru's home, Hotaru got another seizure. But unlike the previous seizures, this one seemd to get out of hand. Mistress 9 took over Hotaru completely and used her body to grab Chibiusa's Silver Crystal. As her crystal was taken away from her, Chibiusa was unconscious and there was a true fear for her life. While Mamoru was left behind, trying to warm Chibiusa as much as possible, Sailor Moon and the others went to face the Death Busters for the last time.

Later, when Hotaru's soul was released from her body, she helped Chibiusa to come back to regain consciousness. After waking up, both Chibiusa and Mamoru joined Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi in their fight. Then, when Sailor Moon's Holy Grail was summoned, Sailor Chibi Moon got a Holy Grail of her own, which allowed her to transform into Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Then, the Talismans of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto summoned the Messiah of Silence, Sailor Saturn. As opposed to what the Outer Senshi thought, Saturn helped them to seal the Death Busters' leader, Master Pharaoh 90, away, and aided Sailor Moon and the others to save the world. As the battle was over and Hotaru was reborn as a regular baby, the Outer Senshi have adopted her and left the Inner Senshi, Sailor Moon and sailor Chibi Moon, not before they promised to come back once they'll be needed again. In addition, all the Senshi have lost their abillity to transform.

Half year after the battle with the Death Busters was over, Chibiusa started to think about the possibility of coming back home to the 30th century. However, before doing so, Chibiusa wanted to spend April Fools' with her friends from the 20th century. That specific Aprol Fools' was a special one, for on that day a solar eclipse was about to occur. During that eclipse a new group of enemies has arrived, the Dead Moon Circus led by Queen Nehellenia. On the night following that day, a white Pegasus appeared in both Usagi's and Chibiusa's dreams, claiming to seek for the help of a "median with the blessing of the moonlight, a princess which is also a senshi". As that characterization couldf fit both of them, a fight started betwen Usagi and Chibiusa, each claiming she is the median the Pegasus was searching for. Despite both were claiming to be that median, the Pegasus kept appearing in Chibiusa's dreams only, and appeared to be fond of her especially. Chibiusa, who thought the mysterious Pegasus reminds her of her father in Crystal Tokyo, was decisive to help him to save "the land of dreams", as he called Elysion.

As the Dead Moon Circus started to attack around the city, using Lemureses, Usagi and Chibiusa knew they need to do something about it, yet had no idea what to do as they have lost the abillity to transform. Then, the Pegasus appeared once again, and gave Usagi and Chibiusa a new power. With the power given by him, they were able to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon although the Holy Grail was gone. They also got new attacks and new weapons. At the end of this fight, the Pegasus told Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon his name, Helios. In later fights, the Inner Senshi were able to transform again and were upgreaded to Super form as well, receiving their Sailor Crystals. Whewn they got their new powers, the Inner Senshi helped Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon in their fight alongside with Helios. As time went by, Helios told Chibiusa more and more about himself, Elysion and what the Dead Moon Circus has done to it. Soon, they became closer to each other, and Chibiusa felt like she's in love for the first time in her life.

Meanwhile, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna were the adopting parents of baby Hotaru, which was not a little baby anymore. They lived their life as regular girls, until the time has come for Sailor Saturn's awaking. After Saturn was awaken and got the Super upgrade, she gave Uranus, Neptune and Pluto their Sailor Crystals and they were upgraded as well. Equipped with their new power, the Outer Senshi took off to meet Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon and the others in order to help them in their fight against the Dead Moon. Once they got there, Sailor Saturn met Sailor Chibi Moon again. The two old friends were happy to see each other after such a long time, and swore to help each other in their fight and never be apart again.

Soon Chibi Moon and Saturn had to fight against a group of four circus girls, the Amazoness Quartet. Soon Saturn noticed they were in fact Sailor Senshi, the Sailor Quartet who will be guarding Chibiusa in the 30th century: Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno and Sailor Juno. Saturn discovered that they were brainwashed by Queen Nehellenia and tried to reawake their true identity, but in the middle of the process Quen Nehellenia interrupted and got them into their Amazon Stones.

Then, the entire Senshi team had to face the Dead Moon Circus' leader: Quen Nehellenia. Her powers were strong, but since all the Sailor Senshi wer together again, the Holy Grail re-appeared, and was upgraded to the Holy Moon Cálice. That upgrade gave the Sailor Senshi a new power as well as changed their fuku to the Eternal level. With the new power, the united senshi team was able to defeat Queen Nehellenia and broke her mirror forever. as Nehellenia was dead, Saturn was able to complete the reawaking processm with the help of Neo Queen Serenity. Sailor Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta were awaken, greeted Chibiusa and then came back to sleep in the Amazon Jungle until the day will come and they'll have to guard Sailor Chibi Moon in the 30th century. After the battle with the Dead Moon Circus was over, Chibiusa had to part from Helios as well. It was hard as the two got really attached one to each other, but Helios promised to visit her in her dreams before leaving to Elysion.

After the battle with the Dead Moon Circus was over, Chibiusa decided it's finally time to come back home to Crystal Tokyo. When she came back there, several parties wer set in honor for the returning princess. She re-met her parents and her dear old friends Sailor Pluto and Diana, as well as new friends she knew in the 20th century such as Hotaru and the Sailor Quartet. Because Chibiusa have already made many travels through time to this point, she was extremely sensitive to the time's streem, she noticed something is not right. When she asked her mother she denyed, claiming everything is alright, but one day she have heard her talking to Setsuna about something that happens in the past and changes history. Chibiusa then appeared in front of her mother and asked to go to the past to explore, yet Neo Queen Serenity didn't agree. Then Diana offered to go instead, but after a while she din't come back either (for she was attacked with Luna and Artemis by Sailor Tin Nyanko). Chibiusa then became even more worried, and Neo Queen Serenity had no choice but letting her go. Before leaving the palace, Neo Quen Serenity told her that the answer is within the galaxy. Then, Chibiusa gathered her guardians and they all came back in time to the 20th century, where Shadow Galactica, led by Sailor Galaxia, were busy taking over Earth and the Galaxy.

Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet made it just in time to aid Sailor Moon, the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Kakyuu and Chibi Chibi in their batle against Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion. They were able to defeat her with Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss, but the battle wasn't over ther, as Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi were sent by Galaxia. Sailor Moon was able to defeat them as well, and then Galaxia wanted to hurt her weakest point and sent the Sol Senshi to fight against them. It was a hard situation for them, as they had to fight against their friends, but eventually the Senshi understood ther is no other choice and fought against them. Once the Sol were defeated, Sailor Galaxia herself appeared before Sailor Moon and the others, taking Sailor Moon to the Galaxy Cauldron, where the planets and their senshi are born. Sailor Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi followed her. There, she threw all the Solar System Senshi's Sailor Crystals away, including Mamoru's, which made Chibiusa disappear as if she was never existent. However, when Sailor Moon won and returned peace to the universe, she was able to revive Mamoru and Chibiusa, as well as returning the other Sol Senshi to be good as before.

As peace returned to Earth, Chibiusa decided now is the time for her to focus in the 30th century. After seeing everybody off, she came back with her guardians to Crystal Tokyo. There they were training, under the guidance of the elder senshi, especially Sailor Saturn who was an unofficial member of their team. Chibiusa has grown up since the first time she traveled to the past, therefore she had much more royal duties to deal with, as well as school duties. Even if things seemed hard, Chibiusa had her parents and many friends by her side, who were always ther to help her when needed. The time after coming back home from the 20th century was the happiest time in Chibiusa's life.

Curse of the Moon

In her 14th birthday, Neo Queen Serenity gave her daughter a very special gift. Since she was no longer a little girl but a young woman, the queen has officially removed the "Chibi" from her titles and name. From that moment onward, she was known as Princess Lady Serenity, Tsukino Usagi and Sailor Moon. For Usagi, it was a dream come true, as she always wanted to be a real lady, justl ike her mother. On that same day she had her first fight as Sailor Moon, alongside with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune against Regno Monarch, the first Argenian survivor she have met. As expected, she is surprised by the Argenians' appereance.

Later on, as she went to the mall with Hotaru, she met a girl named Miyako, which is revealed to be Sailor Pisces, the first Zodiac Senshi she have ever seen. The new Zodiac, as well as Sailor Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus fight a little youma.

On that same week, Usagi had her birthday ball, which was her debut as an adult. The ball was interrupted by the Arcana, and also featured the first meeting between Usagi and the princess of the Argenians, Ava Katsuragi. Usagi and her parents are confused, and the Arcana explaine their goals and their hold on the Silver Crystal. When Neo Queen Serenity and Usagi use the Silver Crystal together, the Arcana become weaker and leave the place.

Although the battle with the Argenians kept on moving, Usagi still found time to enjoy her life as the princess of Crystal Tokyo. Surrounded by her friends, she kept hanging out around the city. It wasn't always easy, however, because of her royal duties and her role as the new Sailor Moon. Her strong will to be like any other girl caused frequent arguments with her parents. In addition, Helios' returning from Elysion made her happy and she used to talk to him often. As more as they talked to each other, Usagi started to understand their felings are more than just innocent friendship, yet was still unsure. People such as Minako or the Quartet tried to help her understanding her felings, but Usagi was still confused. Aside from her personal problems, Sailor Moon and her guardians kept training together, and did so even harder since now there was a threat over the city. They also participated in battles against the Argenians and the Zodiac Senshi.

A hard experience for Usagi was when her mother was turned into a bunny by the Argenians. Trying to turn her back into a human, Usagi and Sailor Pluto came back in time several times so they can prevent that. Eventually they were not able4 to, though, because according to Sailor Pluto the past must not be changed. Neo Queen Serenity remained a rabbit until her last day.

A few days later Princess Ava of the Argenian invaded to the palace, and had a batle against Usagi. In that battle Ava's lover, Kakeru, has died and Usagi herself lost consciousness. On that same day, Regno invaded to the palace, alongside with Loki, who manipulated the queen with illusions. Sailor Mars appeared there and tried to protect Neo Queen Serenity, but it was hopeless. Eventually Regno killed Neo Queen Serenity. With te queen, the Silver Crystal was gone as well. Two days later Loki used the quen's dead body to poison King Endymion. As both king and queen are dead, Usagi is now crowned as the new queen of Crystal Tokyo, Queen Serenity.

Beyond the Crimson Moonlight

It has been a year since the battle with the Argenians. The disappearing of the Silver Crystal had caused the elder Senshi to lose their abillity to transform. The Zodiac senshi and the Argenians are now also powerless. Usagi is now 15 years old, and tries to get to an arrangement with the Argenians so everybody will be able to live in peace. The public, however, thinks otherwise. The Argenians are hated, and a strong objection rises against the queen, claiming she is too soft-hearted. Usagi misses her parents deeply, and wants to go in her mother;s footsteps, despite the criticism given to her by Crystal Tokyo's people.

New enmies have arrived to Crystal Tokyo, identifying themselves as the Divya. As the only Sailor Senshi who are still able to use their powers, Sailor Moon and the Quartet are given much of the responsibility of keeping the city safe. In addition, a new friendship starts to develop between Usagi and Ava (now the queen of the Argenians), who used to be foes in the past. The two queens agree that for the sake of saving Earth, the Argenians and humans should unite and work together. Usagi and Ava also start to plan for their teams, the Sol senshi and the Zodiac Senshi, to work together.