CI World Info - Africa

South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia- All united as South Africa, a colony of the British Empire.

Madagascar and the islands off the East coast Africa- Colonies of the Kingdom of France.

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt- After the freeze and because of the persecution of Muslims in Spain, Northern Africa feared that the Christian nations of Europe would begin another crusade. Therefore in the turmoil of the post-freeze world they formed the African Arab League. Which ironically was formed for military purposes has brought stability and freedom to the region. They swore allegiance to Serenity in 2022.

Islands off the West coast of Africa- Colonies of the British Empire.

Western Sahara, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Niger and Nigeria- After the governmental collapse the area remained interestingly unchanged. In 2030 however a very ambitious chieftain sought to unite many of the Saharan nations with the rich western African nations. Through the leadership of this chieftain he united the people under one banner and issued in a reign of peace. The new country was claimed as the Saharan Kingdom. The Chieftain died in 2075 and was held in such high admiration that his people swore to no longer say his name but to only call him the Chieftain. In 2145 the Saharan Kingdom swore allegiance to Queen Serenity. To this day they remain one of the more stable countries in Africa.

Chad- After the freeze civil and political unrest rose at such an alarming rate that it almost seemed that the nation would splinter. It didn’t however the dominant political party, The Patriotic Salvation Movement, began a purge and countless atrocities were admitted. The Republic of Chad swore allegiance to Serenity in 2032. The Queen agreed to overlook certain human rights crimes if Chad would help them to quell the violence of some of their neighboring countries. They agreed and to this day many crimes still go unpunished in Chad.

Sudan- After the freeze the Muslim government of Northern Sudan began a purge of Southern Sudan while the rest of the world was dealing with their own problems. In the course of two years they succeeded. Over ten million Christians were slaughtered in the most barbaric ways. The government of Sudan began to set their eyes to their neighboring nations to continue the purge, more specifically Ethiopia. However this would have to wait as they had to deal with internal strife. By the time they had settled their struggles and began to mobilize on Ethiopia, Queen Serenity had arrived to pass judgment. She instead offered immunity to the People’s Democratic Republic of Sudan for their crimes against humanity if they would remain in their borders they agreed. However it is said that atrocities still occur to Christian missionaries today.

Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia- Ethiopia also decided to follow the European’s mentality and reclaim its empire. On November 2, 2015 the empire of Ethiopia was reformed and Emperor Haile Selassie II was crowned. As the years moved on famine and war plagued neighboring nations, because of this two long time enemies of Ethiopia returned to the empire like prodigal sons. The empire was secure and except for a brief chance of war with Sudan remained extremely peaceful and swore allegiance to Serenity after the tensions between Sudan was resolved. Today the country is ruled by Emperor Haile Selassie VII.

Djibouti- Also formed a kingdom. The beginnings and story of Djibouti are relatively peaceful. You know what they say about idle hands though. So when foreign instigators began converting the people to a new form of government King Guelleh was only more than happy to quell it. He was met with extreme resistance. Before the violence grew too far out of hand the senshi stepped in and quelled the situation. After an election the Republic of Djibouti was formed.

Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Central African Republic- These nations erupted into a war that is only too common in Africa. For thirty years the area was engulfed in war, genocide, and tyranny. These paradises went against their nature and became a hell on Earth. Finally in 2040 a warlord from the Congo won and crowned himself King. Thus the Congo Kingdom was born. They had started to make plans of pressing on to the countries of the North however Queen Serenity had other plans. After brief stay at the palace the warlord was more than subservient to Serenity’s will. Thus remains a close ally to Serenity in Africa.

Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania- These countries out of fear of becoming colonies to the European kingdoms and slaves to African warlords banded together and formed the Maasai Confederation. Under this government the controlling power shifts between each country every twenty years however they each still have democratic control over their own countries. The system appears to work for them. Currently Uganda is in control.

Angola, Zambia, and Malawi- Just as the Maasai Confederation these countries formed the Zambian Confederation. This confederation however immediately sought an alliance with Serenity and was granted it in 2016. They are still peaceful and loyal today.

Rwanda and Burundi- These two were thrown into a state of chaos after the freeze. Old blood feuds between the tribes rose up and governments rose and continuously fell. By the time Serenity gained full control in 2050 the countries appeared to have established working monarchies. This was not the case however. The two countries continued to be the most volatile areas in Africa though. Every generation rekindles the conflict and violence erupts. The senshi come in and quell it until it rises up again. Four years ago however something happened. A new group visiting the nations began speaking of a new government and after meeting with their leader the Kingdoms was abolished and Republics were formed. The countries have yet to see such peace and stability. Japan is hopeful that it remains.

CI World Info written by Titus