CI World Info - Europe

Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland- In 2018, due to the stress of the economy and a growing need to defend their own, the European Union is disbanded. Following in its Fashion the previous nations formed the Scandinavian Alliance. This Alliance formed as a technocracy in 2019 and continues to be the only technocracy to this day. The Alliance is a beacon of knowledge to the world and veritable Mecca to the scientific community. They proudly pledged allegiance to Neo-Queen Serenity in 2020.

Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar- In 2011 a collaboration between Spain and Portugal had been formed to push the Islamic influence out of their country. This move was heavily supported by France and the United Kingdom however frowned upon by the EU. Never the less they pressed on with their plans and began to relocate Muslims in Spain and Portugal. This was a rallying cry for Islam. Extremist factions rose up claiming it to be a second Spanish Inquisition. This continued for a year with very little attacks and in the June of 2012 the nations reported a successful relocation of all Muslims. On July 10, 2012 the unimaginable happened. Three nuclear explosions occurred simultaneously in Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, and Gibraltar. The explosions leveled all three cities killing millions. The fallout irradiated the majority of the country side causing a mass exodus. A small extremist group claimed responsibility. Supposedly they had gotten their materials from Iran although this was never confirmed and believed highly unlikely. The explosion had supposedly been a major contributing factor to the Great Freeze. When Serenity claimed the throne she sent to work repairing the devastation of the old world. With the help of Mercury they successfully removed the irradiated earth and returned the countries to a fertile land. Though there were many incentives to reoccupy no one came. The memory of the tragedy made many superstitious of a land filled with ghosts. Those who weren’t simply didn’t wish to risk the possibility a radiation. The area is known to the world as No Man’s Land. Ironically the land has become a veritable wildlife haven.

Andorra- The principality of Andorra remained just that. It is now ruled over by Prince Nicolas Sarkozy III. Prince Nicolas remains one of Serenity’s largest supporters and rumors in the hot sheets have even said that the two were lovers. However this is only gossip trash.

France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg- Shortly after the rise of Serenity France elected to dissolve the republic and re-establish a monarchy. The First king of the new kingdom of France was King Jean-Pierre I. Under his reign France followed the path of Serenity and ushered in a veritable utopia (with some fresh new additions to the kingdom overseas). France was so appealing neighboring nations, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg, opted to peacefully join the kingdom of France. Today France is ruled by King Louis XIX. Today France is one of Serenities greatest allies.

Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein- Once France and Britain re-established their monarchies Germany followed suit. The house of Hohenzollern returned to its rightful place as rulers of the Empire of Germany. Kaiser Georg Friedrich of Prussia was crowned in 2020. As was with France nations flocked to the empire to form a stronger German Empire. Even Switzerland who until now had been a neutral country couldn’t help but get swept up in the rapid changing times. Kaiser Friedrich died in the year of our Lord 2357 and his son, Kaiser Wilhelm III, ascended to the throne. While the German Empire is still very militaristic just as its fellow kingdoms and empire it has also become a utopia under the path of Serenity.

Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia- All three of these countries have very long memories. Upon seeing the rise of the German Empire and the resurrection of the Soviet Union opted to band together and defend their countries borders together. In 2040 they formed the United Kingdom of Poland. Upon doing this however they formed a government that had never been seen, a quadarchy. Each nation has their own King or Queen that is sovereign over their respective nation. However there is a high king that is elected by the people and rules over all three nations. This serves as a check and balance to keep the royals in line. The high king is elected when the old high king passes on. There have been three high kings throughout the history of the United Kingdom of Poland. The Current one is High King Lech Tadić of the Sub-Kingdom of Serbia.

Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine- Russia attempting to regain the monarchy of old as many of its European neighbors have became ruled by the Tsars once again. Tsar Alexander IV was crowned in 2021. However as is many times the case the people did not learn from the lessons of history and doomed them to repeat it. Tsar Alexander was a corrupt man who abused his power and in the year of our Lord 2039 was assassinated by extremists and the government toppled. Then, just as it had 128 years earlier, became the second Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In the years to follow they started a massive land grab started pressing their way into Europe, taking Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine. However by this time Serenity had achieved her control and power over the world. She immediately ordered the USSR to cease and desist all military actions. With the backing of the senshi and the United Kingdoms of Europe how could they argue and a treaty was formed. As long as the USSR agreed to reduce their military they would be allowed to keep the lands they controlled. The USSR was good to their word. In 2463 the USSR and the People’s Republic of China combined their lands creating the Socialist People’s Republic. Near as anyone can truly tell in this new world. The communist system is succeeding and thriving in these countries.

Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, F.Y.O.R.M., Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, and Greece- Out of fear and self preservation the previous mentioned nations formed the Greco-Serbian Alliance in 2023. All of these countries neither wished for monarchies or to have their identities stripped away by the formation of new European empires. Therefore following the example of the European Union the Alliance was formed. Each country is their own republic while a representative from each country serves in the Alliance Senate. This has become one of the strongholds of the Republican system and is a shining example to its neighbors.

Italy, Malta, and the Balearic Islands- Following the example of its fellow European nations. Italy formed the Holy Italian Empire. Immediately they took Malta and the Balearic Islands, whom had survived the damage to Spain, under their protection. In this empire the emperor is chosen by the pope. The first was Emperor Valentino. Under his reign the Holy Italian Empire allied them and swore loyalty to Serenity in 2025. In the year of our Lord 2675 Emperor Valentino died and Emperor Frederick Barbarossa IV took the throne. He still reigns today.

United Kingdom- The United Kingdom remained just that. Soon after the Big Freeze the British people decided that in these desperate times it would be more prudent to return power to an absolute ruler. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles unfortunately died in the Freeze. Therefore in 2015 King William IV was crowned King of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. After the Third World War King William decided it was time to regain its control over its lost colonies and began reclaiming them including a prize won after the war, the Continental United States. Through this he reformed the British Empire of old. Tragically the beloved King William IV became suddenly ill and perished in the year of our Lord 2175. His daughter, Victoria II, was crowned queen and continues to rule to this day and is still known as a great friend and supporter of Serenity. Even in this modern age the sun never sets on the Empire.

Ireland- Perhaps one of the most unchanged countries. The Republic of Ireland remained just that. They continued to steer the course through the harsh times and held on to their country. Though the Irish nation has no love for monarchies in 2024 they swore allegiance to Serenity in hopes she would make their divided nation whole again. She did not. Therefore every other century the Irish rise up in force to reclaim their lands in the North. Only to be crushed under the might of the senshi and Britain. Ireland remains optimistic though and prays for a day when the island will be a whole nation under a republic.

CI World Info written by Titus