CI World Info - The Middle East

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emanates, Qatar, Bahr, and Kuwait- Saudi Arabia began an expansion of their kingdom and securing the oil fields in their peninsula. This now encompasses the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the beginning the Saudis were Serenities strongest allies in the Middle East. However as time moved on and the need for oil diminished the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia focused on scientific endeavors. Today they are one of the leading nations in scientific research.

Iraq- Almost ironically about the time the United States was collapsing the Iraqi democracy was thriving. At least it seemed as such. In 2028 the democracy collapsed and the nation was torn asunder, instead of civil war though the nation just split into three different regions. The Northern tip of Iraq, from the cities of Mosul and Arbil up, is occupied by the Kurds. The Central region, everything south of the cities of Mosul and Arbil to the cities of Najaf, Diwaniyah, and Kut, is occupied by Shi’a Muslims. The Southern region, everything south of the cities of Najaf, Diwaniyah, and Kut, is occupied by Sunni Muslims. The three groups live as separate society with their own leaders however every three months the leaders convene in Baghdad to decide the course of the regions as a whole. Their first decision for Iraq was to swear loyalty to Serenity in June of 2032. This government works quite well for them.

Iran- After the civil unrest in 2009 the Iran was bound for a change. In the 2021 election the younger generation finally asserted control and by 2033 phased out the Ayatollahs and became an ally of Crystal Tokyo. Today they are the Republic of Iran.

Jordan- The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan has remained just that appearing to have found acceptance in the crystalline world. Early on they formed an alliance with serenity and serve as her watch dog over the troubled Israel. Jordan is the primary force in keeping the peace in the civil unrest of Israel. However there have been a few times that the senshi have to step in. Today the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is ruled by King Hussein III.

Lebanon- Lebanon evolved after the freeze into one of the more stable nations. The republic of Lebanon is now considered the modern version of Switzerland. Ever since the late 2020’s they have attained a universal stance as neutral, if it were only so easy. Muslim terrorist groups have continuously used Lebanon as a staging point for attacks against Israel. This has caused countless assaults against their nation. Every time they are broken. Lebanon rebuilds stronger and better. Each time their Republic grows stronger. The senshi have brought some stability though. The last 300 years have been peaceful in their land.

Syria- After the freeze the Syrian government collapsed and the country was placed in a state of perpetual limbo. Governments continued to rise and fall and the people began to not even call the land Syria anymore for the people began to split off into different tribes. Every so often some ambitious person would try to unite everyone but ultimately would fail. Finally in 2394, in an attempt to end the wars and unite the people, Neo-Queen Serenity proclaimed the land to be claimed as the kingdom of Palestine. She placed on the throne a promising young woman, Queen Asma. The kingdom of Palestine took hold under her rule and peace was brought to the land for a while. Unfortunately these are a people that never forget and terrorists began using Palestine as a base of operations. Fortunately in modern Palestine King Abdullah III proclaims that all such war mongers will be rooted out and crushed in the name of peace.

Israel- After the freeze and the collapse of almost every ally the State of Israel had massive conflicts arose that ravaged the holy land. Just as before at first minor tiffs would arise and fall in a matter of days. If things ever got too far out of hand the senshi would step in and quell the violence. Unfortunately that only made things worse. For most Israelis this was a cry for imperialism and they had vowed long ago that they would be slaves no longer. In 2390 a massive war erupted that lasted for six months. The senshi were sent to quell the violence between Israelis and Muslim extremists. This only increased the violence however and when the city of Bethlehem was destroyed in a massive explosion Serenity stepped in. Their weapons vanished before their eyes and a forced peace was implied. Violence still occurred between the groups however. Their weapons gone they used the only thing they had rocks and their bare fists. Finally in order to form a lasting peace Serenity formed the Kingdom of Palestine and had all willing Muslims in Israel move to the kingdom if they so wished. It seemed to work and as part of the treaty Israel had to form a treaty with Serenity. They reluctantly did so. Though there have been no more major conflicts there are still many acts of violence that occur. The state of Israel is still the most troubled area of the new world.

Turkey- Surprisingly enough Turkey had no trouble adapting in the world. They retained their Republic and immediately after the UN signed the treaty with Serenity allied them with her. Turkey has basically kept themselves out of trouble and stable by adopting an isolationist policy. Therefore by following the example of Crystal Tokyo and by having a Islam reformation they ushered in a veritable Utopia and continue to be an example to the rest of the neighboring countries of the Middle East.

Cyprus- After the rise of Serenity a strange new religion emerged its head. The cult of the lunar eclipse was founded on Cyprus and the island serves as the base and largest commune of the cult. They are entirely dedicated to Serenity and forever follow her ways while spreading her message of peace throughout the world. On a more interesting note the cult has a military branch, the Lunar Knights. The Knights have a base in ancient ruins on the south end of Cyprus. Their mission is to defend the Serenity Communes and claim to be Serenities hand of Justice.

CI World Info written by Titus