CI World Information - North America

North America

The United States- The United States suffered a second great depression in 2011. To add insult to injury at the end of 2012 the Great Freeze. During this time life became quite tragic in the states and the great Union was on the verge of collapse. The people became desperate. In desperate times people turn to desperate measures. They turned to a man named Jonah Wilks. He was elected to the presidency for his plan to revitalize the union. Unfortunately his plans were for something quite different. He brought American Fascism to the world. Through a series of coupes he proclaimed himself high ruler and dictator of the Republic. His rule revitalized the states and reestablished them as a world power. He also brought about plans for world domination. In his sixth year as ruler he invaded Canada in 2032. The result of his actions brought about The Third World War. Thankfully the war ended in 2035 with no use of nuclear weapons. The United States lost. As part of the defeat Alaska was returned to Russia and the US returned as a colony of the British crown. Hawaii however, due to its position, severed ties from the US and in 2478 helped in the foundation of the United Pacific Islanders. Now the US has returned to a colony of her majesty’s empire Queen Victoria II. They are all now citizens of the crown. Throughout centuries only two revolutions were attempted, once in 2536 and again in 2776. Because of a divided populace and aid from Neo Queen Serenity both rebellions were crushed.

Canada- Things remained virtually unchanged in Canada, even after the freeze their economy was stable. Life was peaceful until the US invasion. After the war the United Kingdom regained more control of the Commonwealth of Canada by returning it to a colony of the crown. Canada is no longer an independent nation but one of her majesty’s colonies.

Alaska- Now part of the new USSR.

Central America

After the great freeze Central America was a desolate and ravaged land. The people grew extremely violent and lawless. The apocalypse was a reality for twenty years after the freeze. Then a new leader rose up in Mexico, Juan Francisco de Santa Anna. Under his control he re-established rule over Mexico through military might. After uniting the country, General Santa Anna raised his military forces and marched on Guatemala. In five years General Santa Anna conquered Central America and proclaimed himself Emperor of the empire of Mexico in 2040. There were none to oppose. There were numerous rumors that his Excellency had plans to continue his push for conquest into South America. Soon after his ascension to the crown he had audience with NQS. She endorsed his crown on the condition that he ceased his military actions and remained a faithful ally. How could he refuse? The empire of Mexico became a veritable paradise. Under Emperor Santa Anna’s guidance the people of Central America became united. In the year of our Lord 2836, his Excellency, Emperor Juan Francisco de Santa Anna died of extreme old age in Mexico City. His son Juan Francisco de Santa Anna II was crowned emperor and continues to be a loyal ally to NQS.

The Caribbean

Except for the years of the freeze, which drastic changes brought a tragic amount of deaths in the tropics, life remained the same in the Caribbean. In 2022 the United Kingdom re-colonized the entirety of the Caribbean. In their explanation to Serenity it was to establish unity and revitalization to the people and the economy of the island colonies. Certainly it was also probably to help stimulate their own economy through the Caribbean’s own resources.

CI World Information written by Titus