CI World Info - South America

Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela– After the great freeze a series of drug wars erupted into full scale war in 2024. In an effort to help quell the violence and hopes to extinguish the drug industry NQS sent Crystal Tokyo operatives (more than likely the Outers) to assist a group of rebels made up of poor workers. In December of 2024 they successfully overthrew the Cartels and where on their way to establish their own government. On June 7th 2025 Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela became the Socialist Republic of Guevaria or Guevaria for short. It was named after hero of the Latin people Ernesto “Che” Guevara. The country remains under the protection of the senshi today however much of the world’s drug trafficking still comes from this country.

Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana– Following Great Britain’s lead, King Jean Pierre of France decided to regain control of colonies in the “New” world. In 2030 French expeditionary forces from French Guiana moved into Suriname. The country fell in 17 days and the forces moved on to Guyana. It fell in 12 days. The countries held onto their names however they became colonies of the kingdom of France.

Peru and Chile- Out of all of the modern countries Peru and Chile are two that have remained with the same pre-freeze governments. The times before the freeze were tough both countries were on the verge of economic collapse. After the freeze the peoples of both countries seemed to regain a sense of national pride and worked to revitalize their nations. They succeeded. They heard tales of NQS’ power and quickly sent emissaries to swear loyalty to her. Today Chile and Peru are two of the most stable republics in the world, a shining example of success and triumph through the turmoil that surrounded their borders.

Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay- Just before the freeze tensions between Argentina and Brazil reached a new level. Both countries were waiting for an excuse to go to war and both began an arms race that built up their armies. After the freeze Argentina made the first move and invaded Uruguay. Both Bolivia and Paraguay frantically searched for aid as Argentinean troops drew closer to their borders. Their hope fell on Brazil. Brazil immediately sent aid and its military force. However Brazilian aid was a double edged sword and the Bolivian and Paraguay governments were crushed and put under Brazilian control. For the next three years the area was engulfed into a violent and desolate war. In 2018 the Argentinean forces surrendered all control of Uruguay to the newly created Kingdom of Brazil. Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay became merely regions of the Kingdom. Spanish has been erased as the language of the countries and all subjects are required to speak Portuguese. In 2030 King Julio I was invited to join the Serenity Alliance and receive endorsement of his crown. How could he refuse the savior of the world? He continued to reign as king and peace fell upon his kingdom. It was a peace though at the end of a sword. In the recent years radicals have come to the kingdom preaching of reform and reshaping the government into a Republic.

Argentina– Argentina invaded Uruguay which sparked the Brazilian-Argentinean War. Argentina lost the war and formally surrendered in 2018. The government and country was in shambles. The North of Argentina, which was heavily populated by people of German ancestry, had decided to separate from Argentina. In 2020 the country was split from the Rio Parana straight through the cities of Rosario and Mendoza. The newly formed country became the Democratic Republic of Neues Bayern (New Bavaria). Whereas Argentina held on to its title though after the peoples experience with the aristocracy in control vowed for this to never happen again and formed a Socialist Democracy.

Falkland Islands– Returned to a colony of the British Empire.

CI World Info written by Titus